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When it comes to upholstered furniture, we run into every kind of situation you can imagine! From regular maintenance cleaning, to pet accident remediation, to removal of blood, or drink or food stains. The key to successful upholstery cleaning is to not be in a hurry! Cleaning upholstery is actually much different than cleaning carpet.

Here are some of the differences;

  • upholstery frequently contains natural fibers, most often cotton - carpet fiber is usually synthetic
  • upholstery is thin, not thick like carpet
  • upholstery filling/batting must be taken into consideration when it comes to moisture penetration
  • spotting solutions that are safe for carpet may not be for upholstery
  • upholstery dyeing is more varied in terms of process and dye stuffs than with carpet
  • some concerns unique to upholstery are: dye bleeding, fading, fabric deterioration, shrinkage, and browning - knowledge, experience and an unhurried pace are the keys to avoiding these issues

Upholstery Cleaning Lincoln - Getting Blood Out Of A Cushion!

upholstery cleaning lincoln - getting blood out 1

This is a chair cushion that got blood on it. In a situation like this (biological contamination) we have several objectives. First, we want to remove visible signs of the blood. Second, we want to sanitize the textile to the greatest extent possible. Lastly, but just as important, we want to return the cushion to our client in pre-loss condition. This means that whatever we do to solve the blood issue cannot harm the fabric in any way.

upholstery cleaning lincoln - getting blood out 2
upholstery cleaning lincoln - getting blood out 3

First, we give the cushion a quick vacuuming, then test for colorfastness. Once everything checks out O.K., we apply some protein spotter and

upholstery cleaning lincoln - getting blood out 4

GENTLY tamp the fabric in the affected areas. This is where most folks make a huge mistake! Scrubbing the heck out of it is always the wrong thing to do. First, aggressive scrubbing will not remove the blood - if anything, it will set the stain permanently. Second, you will be left with a fuzzy distorted area on your upholstery.

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We use a very soft nylon brush to tamp the fabric (think gentle tapping over the area). This distributes the spotting solution and helps to emulsify the blood.

upholstery cleaning lincoln - getting blood out 5

Our next step is to extract the spotting solution and rinse with plain soft water. This step may need to be repeated more than once. Afterwards, we set the cushion aside to dry for an hour or so. We want to make sure that we've removed all the spotting solution from the fabric. If we haven't, we'll see it when the upholstery dries.

upholstery cleaning lincoln - getting blood out 6
upholstery cleaning lincoln - getting blood out 7

After the cushion is dry we inspect it for any remaining staining. We treat the affected panel with an oxidizer and follow that with a second treatment

upholstery cleaning lincoln - getting blood out 8
upholstery cleaning lincoln - getting blood out 9

of soft water with extraction. This gives us some added assurance that we have treated all potential biological contamination, not just what was readily apparent. After drying a second time we follow up with hand shampooing the piece. We mix up a small amount of our favorite upholstery shampoo and apply it to the cushion by hand with a cotton towel. We follow that up with a final soft water extraction.

upholstery cleaning lincoln - getting blood out 10

Here is the happy clean cushion sitting on our pick-up and delivery table. The pick-up and delivery table is where all fresh clean rugs and cushions go to await being reunited with their owners!

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