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7 Advantages Of Owning A Genuine Oriental Rug!

1. An oriental rug is truly a work of art.

A quality hand-woven rug is appropriate for placement on the floor or on the wall. It is an artistic expression of the weaver. A beautiful balance of form and function.

2. It has a mystique.

Where was the rug made? By what tribe? How many knots per square inch? There is a romance attached to a hand-woven rug - how old is it, how far has it traveled, what are it's secrets?

3. It organizes space.

A quality rug can define the space it's in, from decor to function. It can literally change the feel of a space.

4. It moves with you if you move.

An oriental area rug is a valuable addition to every new place you come to. You never have to leave it behind.

5. It is still made by hand.

The rug expresses the artisanship, the care, the hard work that went into its creation.

6. It greatly enhances your room.

7. It can stay in the family for generations.

A quality rug is a family heirloom. You will enjoy it for a lifetime, as will your children and possibly their children.

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