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Professionally Cleaning Grout Can Give You A Like-New Floor!

The first step in cleaning grout is to properly prep the floor. All chairs, wastebaskets, and any loose items will be removed. Tables can usually be left in the room and worked around. Loose soil is then removed by sweeping and/or vacuuming.

The second step is to apply a pre-spray to the floor. This pre-spray is usually an oxygenated alkaline cleaner. It's purpose is to loosen embedded soils and prepare the floor for two phases of agitation.

The third step in professionally cleaning grout is to provide agitation to both the floor and the grout lines. First we scrub the grout lines with a beveled brush designed for this purpose. Many tile and grout cleaning companies skip this step due to the fact that it requires a fair amount of elbow grease and takes a good deal of time. At Pro Care cleaning we believe this step is vital to obtaining the very best results possible. We don't skip any steps and least of all this one! Secondly, we utilize mechanical scrubbing of the floor as a whole - this conditions the tile itself for best results and gives the grout lines one final "going over".

The fourth step in the process of cleaning grout is to extract the mess! Your floor at this point usually looks like your children came in and had a pool party right there in the kitchen! In reality, the floor is right on the verge of regaining it's former beauty. At this point we hook up the Truck Mount to the SX-12 high-pressure grout cleaning wand. This specially designed cleaning tool is made to safely and cleanly extract your tile and grout floor. It uses hot, fresh water at high pressure combined with vacuum power from the Truck Mount to do its job well. Even though this is a wonderful tool, as is the Truck Mount, the outcome of the job hangs on how well the prep work was done in steps one through three.

After the floor is extracted and has had some opportunity to dry there remains much to be done. The first order of business is to do some detail clean-up with a hand brush and a cotton towel. This procedure ensures that the grout cleaning gets done effectively all the way to where it meets the wall and additionally it lets us clean up any wayward overspray or dampness from the scrubbing/extraction process.

Air movers are used to dry the floor as completely as possible before we leave. Once dry, we apply sealer to the grout lines and use the air movers again to speed up drying and curing of the sealer. You will find that your freshly cleaned and sealed floor is easier to sweep, easier to mop and will stay clean for you better than in the recent past. Similar to textile cleaning and depending on usage, floors should be professionally cleaned every twelve to twenty four months.

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