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Carpet Cleaning Lincoln - Real Life Case Studies!

We thought it would be a good idea to add a "Carpet Cleaning Lincoln" page to our website where we could show you some real life examples of the work that we do for homeowners, landlords and local businesses. Thanks for visiting us and please don't hesitate to give us a call at 402-486-4792 or use our contact form if you have any questions or concerns!

You were outstanding! The carpets turned out Wonderful! I'm very impressed. The guys who did the job were clean & professional looking.

Pam Lahr

Carpet Cleaning In Sprague, NE

On a beautiful, crisp October morning we were in Sprague, NE to clean a living room in a sharp older home.  The homeowners are extremely fastidious!  This carpet cleaning job is challenging because this room gets a lot of very concentrated use.  As a result, it has some very pronounced traffic lanes that need to be addressed.  The key to getting the results we want is to follow IICRC cleaning guidelines.  We take these steps on every carpet cleaning job we perform!

First things first, we edge the room with the vacuum wand and follow it up with a good slow vacuuming.


This is our magic bag of spotting solutions.  If something or some combination of things in this bag can't solve the problem, then it can't be solved!  Happily, most problems can be successfully addressed with some extra time and attention.


On the left hand side we're treating an organic stain (pet accident, possible drink spill) with an oxidizing spray.

On the right side we're applying a pre-spray or pre-conditioning agent to the carpet.

Once the pre-spray has been applied we always scrub the carpet with a soft shampoo brush.  A little bit of mechanical agitation goes a loooong way.  So many "unsolvable" issues are solved by cleaning to the IICRC standard.  All of these steps take extra time, but they deliver a far superior job to our clients.

The truckmount is set up, the cleaning wand is connected, and we're ready to rinse all the ick and stubborn traffic lanes out of this carpet!

The carpet is thoroughly rinsed and extra dry strokes are taken to ensure a quick dry-down.

This carpet is not perfect at this point, but it is as clean as is humanly possible to get it!

We had a helper on this job, and the homeowners weren't home.  Usually, we ask that you put your pets in a safe area, away from the work area.  On this morning we found this little guy (gal?) out keeping an eye on things.  We put him in his doggy bed in the master bedroom while we were cleaning, then we let him out when we were done so he could give his "stamp of approval".

Know this about us, we love your pets!  In twelve years we have never had a pet run away, get hurt, or have any other kind of incident.  We love our pets, sometimes till it hurts, and we know you feel the same way about your four-legged family members!

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You were professional, courteous, cared about our satisfaction. We valued the care you showed for our house and your spot and spill warranty.

George & Rebecca Finley

Carpet Cleaning Lincoln - Rental In Downtown Lincoln

This picture comes from a rental unit in a very nice building located just North of the football stadium.  It is not hard to see the difference in this carpet!  We spent an hour and a half cleaning this carpet.  This really highlights what makes Pro Care Cleaning different.  We spend the time to do the job right.  It doesn't matter whether the job is in a million dollar home or a very nice rental or the proverbial "hole-in-the-wall"!

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You did a great job cleaning the carpet. I appreciate your guarantee.

Dawn Daly

Carpet Cleaning Lincoln - Rental On South 17th

This rental unit was quite frankly unbelievable!  Keep in mind that pretty much all of the rental work we do is for existing residential clients of ours.  As such, these are very good landlords!  Unfortunately, being a very good landlord does not always equal having a very good tenant!  This, despite everyone's best efforts.  There was some kind of gummy, tarry, sticky substance EVERYWHERE.  Unflippin' believable!  This is another unit where we spent a couple hours making sure we got this carpet as clean as possible.  In these situations, obviously we want to do a great job for the owner, which includes making sure they get another turn out of the carpet before replacement is needed.  The other consideration is that there are going to be folks living here, and we want them to have clean, safe, hygienic carpet, at least to start out with!

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We were happy with the service - we were glad our parents were also really happy when you cleaned their carpets!  The carpet feels and looks clean.

Marla King

Carpet Cleaning Lincoln - Camper In Davey, NE

This is one of my favorite pictures of Jonathan!  In this picture we're cleaning all the carpet and upholstery in a camper.  There are many areas in a camper that you just can't get to with a regular wand, so Jonathan has the upholstery tool hooked up and he's getting after it!  He managed to do it with a smile on his face, as well!

Carpet Cleaning Lincoln - Contact Us!

I was very pleased, I will use you again, and I'm going to let people know how great you are.  Your staff was nice and friendly.  The spots in my carpet were gone and it was so much brighter.

Sharon Stumme

Carpet Cleaning Lincoln - Spray Paint Over Spray On Carpet!

Carpet cleaning Lincoln - spray paint 1
Carpet cleaning Lincoln - spray paint

These pictures make me a little sad only because I forgot to take the "After" pictures! You'll just have to take my word for it that it all cleaned up great.

The homeowner was helping her daughter with a big project for school. The project involved red spray paint. It was cold and windy outside so she decided to do the painting in the basement great room. She laid a tarp out and commenced to painting. Everything seemed fine at first, but when she pulled the tarp back she realized the entire basement great room was covered in "pink"!

It would have been tempting for us to hook the truck mount up and start cleaning with high heat. It also would have been disastrous! The "pink" was primarily a powdery substance. If we had wetted the whole area out I think we would have made an impossibly big mess! Instead, we spent over an hour edging and vacuuming the carpet and anything else that didn't sprout legs and run away from us! That solved about 90% of the problem, with the remainder coming out with a good cleaning.

Moral of the story?  No spray painting in the house!!

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You were professional. We had another company scheduled to show up and they cancelled at the last minute. We had already moved the furniture and we were planning to host a baby shower. You guys rescued us at the last minute! showed up on time, were very nice to work with and you were were great!

Charise Grimes-Middendorf

Carpet Cleaning Lincoln - Leather Ottoman With Pet Damage!

Leather Ottoman Pet Damage 2 carpet cleaning lincoln
Leather Ottoman Pet Damage 1 carpet cleaning lincoln

Although it doesn't look very bad let me assure you that it was gruesome! We got a frantic email from a client who explained that her "very large" dog had suffered from "explosive" diarrhea all over her leather ottoman. She had used many cleaning agents on it to no avail and was considering throwing the piece out. We picked it up and quickly figured out that the "offending material" had soaked down into the piece through the stitching! 

Did I mention how gruesome this was? This was, smell-wise, easily a 12 on a 10 point hooey-boy! index. Makes my eyes water just to think about it!

We also tried many things and finally we found a botanical-based disinfectant that seemed to be helping.  We applied it at least a half-dozen times over the weekend. After the applications we let it sit for a few days.  Then we applied leather cleaner and followed that up with leather conditioner and then protector. One week after pick-up we had a clean smelling, clean, conditioned, & protected leather ottoman!

We can never promise success with situations like this, but we'll always keep working at it until we know we've done everything possible.

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I couldn't be happier! You were efficient and courteous.

Dan Muhleisen

Carpet Cleaning Lincoln - Polyester Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning lincoln - polyester carpet 2
carpet cleaning lincoln - polyester carpet 1

This was a dirty polyester carpet in a family room. Polyester carpet can be a challenge to clean. It has some unique characteristics, like pooling, that can make the carpet cleaners job problematic. Here you see a half-done room, where the carpet on the completed side has been vacuumed, edged, pre-sprayed, mechanically agitated and extracted with the truck-mount. If you're the proud owner of a ornery polyester carpet that's driving you nuts, we'd love to visit with you!

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Carpet Cleaning Lincoln - Older Sculptured Nylon Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning lincoln nylon
carpet cleaning lincoln nylon

This nylon carpet had been in service for a long time. The home-owner had taken very good care of the carpet, in terms of vacuuming and spot-cleaning. Over time, however, the general soiling of the carpet can get away from a person. Carpet can gradually become more soiled than the homeowner realizes. This was such a case. Happily, the carpet cleaned up great (not unusual for old sculpted nylon carpets!) and the homeowner was thrilled!

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Carpet Cleaning Lincoln - Commercial Carpet Cleaning

commercial carpet cleaning lincoln
commercial carpet cleaning lincoln

Here's a picture of a large complex we maintain on a quarterly basis. If you have carpet in a business or a condo association that's just driving you to distraction, we can help! We'll custom design a plan for you that keeps the carpet looking good and more importantly, removes the carpet cleaning from your "worry list". Whether it's a one-time cleaning or a continued maintenance plan, we'll give you the results you've not been getting!

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Carpet Cleaning Lincoln NE - Tape Residue

carpet cleaning lincoln ne tape residue 1
carpet cleaning lincoln ne tape residue 2

This is a nice nylon carpet in a lower level kid's activity room. The two lines in the carpet are from some kind of adhesive that was being used to secure a child's balance beam apparatus. The first picture is of the carpet as we found it. The second picture is after we've vacuumed, pre-treated and mechanically agitated (aka scrubbed the billy-heck out of it!)

carpet cleaning lincoln ne removing tape residue 3

We have to mention one caveat here. Removing adhesive marks in carpet is not always possible. We have seen situations where no matter what chemistry we used, no matter how long we agitated, no matter how long or with what level of ferocity we extracted, we simply could not remove the adhesive marks. Please, please don't use any kind of tape or adhesive on carpet! It's a sure recipe for frustration later on down the line.

Having said all of that, in this case we were able to remove the tape residue. This is such an iffy proposition when we run into this that there were some high fives when this turned out so nice! 

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