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Pro Care Cleaning - Straight From The Horse's Mouth!

We are extremely thankful for all of our clients here at Pro Care Cleaning. They make running our business a joy. Many have freely shared their testimonials with us, and we are thrilled to share some of them with you!

Carpet Cleaning Lincoln - Real Life Examples!

Fanstastic! My oriental rug looks brighter, smells fresh, overall I'm very satisfied with your work. Pro Care Cleaning is highly professional & I will recommend you to everyone!

You were able to remove the odor, not from pets - but older, stale - needed a freshening up.

Kara Stroh

From our first urgent phone call Pro Care was professional, responsive, and extraordinarily competent.

1. Timely - you fit us into an already full schedule
2. Tracy's pleasant and helpful attitude on the phone
3. Fabulous results - the carpet never looked better!!!
4. Your willingness to deal with and move our displaced furniture
5. Leaving your large fan to help with drying

Thanks so much!

Bill & Rita Overton

Pro Care was efficient and great to deal with - courteous and pleasant. My three oriental rugs came back, properly cleaned, colors refreshed and in excellent shape. A unique service.

Betty Lou Craft

Dedication and customer service are high quality. There is sincerity in the way you actually love clean carpet! You take the extra time to do things right. Not only that but you go above and beyond!

Dr. Denneal Stauffer

I am very satisfied how clean my carpets are. I appreciate how your concern was for me to be satisfied with your work - to the extent of calling you back if any problems came up. ...first and foremost the results - your personalities and attitudes concerning your work is one of enjoying what you do. That was refreshing to see. You did everything extremely well. Thank you!

Margie Oswald

Your company did an excellent job on our carpets and the carpet actually looked brand new when dry. You were very professional at all times. You were punctual on all calls to our home. We appreciated your providing the blower as well. We will highly recommend your company to all our friends and neighbors. Thank you for excellent results from your excellent service!

Martha Lockridge

It was a very positive experience. Very professional! I appreciated you putting my furniture on top of the styrofoam squares. I know that is probably a lot of extra work for you....just knowing that you did a throrough job and that our carpet is clean.

There was nothing that I would have had you do differently.

Laurie Christensen

Excellent, polite, courteous service that did a superior job. The carpets look as good as new! We have a dog that often tracks outside messes inside and we wanted to have a clean home before the arrival of our new baby. We wanted clean, allergen free carpets that the baby could be put on without worrying about if they were clean.

You did a great job. Thank you.

Jackie Burkland

Awesome job! I appreciated the vacuuming, moving the furniture, supplying the fan. The fact that the carpet was not squishy and it dried in a much shorter time than any other rug cleaner company I've
ever used.

Barb & Dennis Deneault

VERY impressed! VERY pleased!! Prompt, courteous and professional - carpet looked brand new when you finished. I have been and will continue to be happy to recommend your services to friends and neighbors.

I was particularly looking for an owner operator company. I had little interest in a franchise operation. The pride you take in your work was obvious, and your credentials are impressive.

Karen Dress

You were organized and thorough. You came in after work, as scheduled, and cleaned what you said you would. Your service was convenient and easy to work with. You were prompt in providing an estimate and setting a cleaning date.

Nebraska Orthotic and Prosthetic Services

Outstanding. It's totally clean. You were on time as promised and the best we have ever had.

Franklin Logan

Jeff was very professional and knew what he was doing. He took care of problems that were left by a previous cleaner.

Great job.

Jerrid & Jean Barton

You were highly recommended and you proved to be a stellar company. I valued:

1. Thoroughness & professionalism
2. End result/exceptionally clean carpet

We plan to use you again.

Susan White

Carpet Cleaning Lincoln - Real Life Examples!

You did an excellent job. The carpet looks good and no mess was left for us to clean up.

Darreld Oswald

I'll have you back. Jeff wants a person 100% satisfied with what he's done. He was clean, as was his equipment. I had nothing to clean up after he was here. All the carpet looks great!

Helen Brodd

I'm very happy! You did a very good job and you were fast.

Sandy Frahm

Very positive. We will definitely recommend and use you in the future. Carpet turned out exceptionally well. We were impressed with your professionalism.

Don Estes

I'm extremely happy. I appreciate the offer to come back after the carpet was cleaned to remove the blocks under the furniture and also to know that you provide exceptional service after the cleaning. Being visually impaired that is extrememly important to me.

Darlene Dodson

Dear Pro Care Cleaners,

Your carpet cleaning business is aptly named. We returned to our home to find the rugs and carpet beautifully cleaned and the wood floors neat and tidy (as opposed to our last experience with another company). I was not expecting such positive results for the pale seven year old carpet, especially now that we have the unexpected addition of a large black dog who sheds a bushel! Everything is so fresh and vivid; thank you for an excellent job.

Yours sincerely,

Peggy Link

You did a very good job and I will be using you again in the future. The house doesn't smell funny anymore.

Trent Heiser

Very satisfactory! You were courteous, professional, honest and you gave me a free estimate! I will use Pro Care Cleaning again when needed.

Ramona Stromberg

You were courteous and professional. I would recommend you to anyone. I felt comfortable leaving Jeff alone in my house and the carpet looks much better.

Nicole McCormick

Jeff did a great job and my husband said he was very courteous. Setting up the appointment was simple and Jeff was on time.

Cheryl Priess-Dickey

Very professional - Jeff was great. You did an excellent job, the carpets were very clean. I appreciated how well the carpets were cleaned - Excellent. There was no damage to carpet, furniture, etc. I was very pleased - especially the steps - I thought I was going to replace the carpet but after cleaning they looked nearly new! I will recommend you!

Linda Grdina

Pro Care does good quality work and is concientious about the final product. I valued the timeliness of the work and the care given to furniture, walls, etc. Great job.

Mitch Becker

Wonderful! Very polite and genuine.

...the prompt response and service and of course the great job cleaning the carpet. It looks so good! All of our expectations were exceeded.

Gentry & Terese Smith

Excellent - best I have used. I appreciated your attention to detail and thoroughness.

Rich Brinkman

The best I ever had. The carpets were dry in a hurry. I could have company in the evening. The carpets were clean - no odor.

Herbert L. Klemme

I really appreciated the promptness that Jeff showed on both the appointment for the estimate and the actual work....Jeff was very professional.

Mary Ann Hultstrand

Pro Care did a great job!

Scott & Lisa Yost

Pro Care is impressive and professional. The finest cleaning experience we have had. We have recommended you to several friends. The carpet dried quickly and the use of the power fan speeded up the drying of the sofa. Thanks for your first rate work.

Patricia Overton

Very impressed - great job!!

Commitment - Jeff stayed till the job was done and done right - he wasn't worried about the time (unusual in today's work environment).

Sam Bartels

Great! You're honest and hardworking.

Suzanne Sailer

Jeff did a wonderful job and was very pleasant to have in my home. He cleaned the carpet so well that I don't have to buy new carpet. He removed the weird odors.

Jeanine Kingsley

Wonderful! Pro Care helped clean up after our dog had spotted areas of the rug. It was all well cleaned.

Dean & Jane Jameson

Jeff, you and your wife were very professional and courteous throughout the whole experience. I know why my grandma really like working with you. Thank you both very much.

Brad Poppe

You did an excellent job of cleaning a very soiled carpet. The clean carpet helps make the living area more appealing.

C.E. Paulson

I felt comfortable leaving Jeff in my home while I went to work. I trusted him to do a good job and I was very satisfied with the results. I thought Pro Care did everything perfectly and I intend to have Pro Care do my carpets from here on out.

Susan McCrory

The carpet looks really good. Even several weeks later the carpet still looks like it was just cleaned.

Sandy Aden

You were very thorough and good. We appreciated the vacuuming you did beforehand and you were very efficient.

Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Center

Excellent job. Professional, friendly, prompt and efficient. The carpet was clean and soft and you offered to come back to spot clean if needed.

Darlene Bose

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