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Oriental Area Rugs - Fantabulous Factoids And Their Proper Care And Feeding.

Despite the enjoyment we get from our oriental area rugs, it's easy to not fully appreciate what goes into the manufacture of each rug.

Did You Know?

Oriental area rugs use the same methods and materials used for thousands of years!

Oriental rugs convey some very unique advantages to their owners.An oriental rug tale - From sheep to rug

5 ways to take care of oriental rugs.

Rug Pads

One of the most overlooked areas for the proper care of your oriental rugs is finding and installing an appropriate oriental rug pad.

Oriental rug pads come in a wide variety of materials and construction. Synthetic felt and rubber are probably still the two most common types being utilized. However, other options exist:

Natural felt - a hair and jute combination

Urethane foam - these tend to be less dense, be careful to have the proper firmness and support

Sponge rubber - flat sponge or waffle

Here's a couple pictures of the rug pad under my dining room rug. My pad is the sponge rubber type, very appropriate for sitting on top of my laminate floor.

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