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Professional Rug Cleaning Can Save The Day For Your Most-Loved Rugs!

Professional rug cleaning can rescue your most-loved rugs! Have you ever noticed how the rug you love the most in your home frequently gets the hardest use? The same rug that you treasure is also the rug that gets the most walking on, running on and just plain getting stomped on!

I would definitely use you again.  You took care not to damage my floors, corners, etc.  Your crew was professional, pleasant, clean and neat.  You could not have done a thing better or differently.

Laurie Novak

My best worker!

Fabulous! Sorry I didn't send this right away because you all were so good to work with. I highly recommend your services and have been telling many friends about your fine company. We were going to get new carpet but the lady selling the carpet said we should use Pro Care to clean our carpet and see the results. We were very happy with the results. Keep up the good work!

Jacqui Hillman

In addition, our favorite rugs are frequently the favorites of our pets and kids. Thorough, professional cleaning is the answer to rug problems like these.

Contact us for your rug cleaning needs!

Whether you have an inexpensive olefin rug, a tufted area rug, or an antique oriental rug, we at Pro Care Cleaning have a procedure to follow which will provide you with the best and safest solution to whatever issues your rug is dealing with. Our promise is that we will treat you and your loved ones (whether of the two-legged or four-legged variety) and your rugs with respect and our utmost standard of care. We will provide you with professional, expert rug cleaning and we will do so cheerfully and with an attitude of appreciation for your patronage. We are proud to serve Lincoln, Omaha, and the surrounding southeast Nebraska areas.

Your company does a very professional job. Our carpets looked new after your cleaning. We valued your wide use of carpet cleaning equipment. It made our carpets look very clean.

Michael & Phyllis Marsh

Lastly, we not only want to serve your rug cleaning needs, but also desire to be an information resource to you! If you have questions about the suitability of a particular rug and it's use in your home please contact us. We can offer you input on fiber types, construction, durability, and cleanability. And if we don't know the answer to your question, we'll find it for you!

Thanks for visiting our site! We really appreciate the time you spend here with us!

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carpet cleaning tips
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